Christmas Cake Truffles

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These Christmas cake truffles are incredibly easy to make and are perfect for using up left over Christmas pudding, or slightly dry Christmas cake. I don’t have the passion for Christmas I once had, but I still make my Nana Christmas cake every year if I’m home for Christmas. I’m always generous with the marination of the fruits, so inevitably end up with more than one cake. Interestingly I always over cook the first cake, so it becomes the tester and the makings of Christmas cake truffle. These truffles as sublimely delicious, rich and what’s better they last for months in the fridge, so they can be a treat weeks into the new year. 


350 gm Christmas cake or left over Christmas pudding

125 gms dark chocolate

75 mls liquor either rum, sherry, brandy or whatever takes your fancy. 

Good quality  hot chocolate powder for dusting



1. If your fruit cake has nuts in it, you need to remove all of the nuts and grind them to a smallish crumble. I popped on some disposable gloves to crumble the cake and pick out the nuts, I then blitzed them in the food processor. In one batch I even added some apricots and macadamia nuts to the blend. 

2. Combine the nut crumble back into the crumbled cake or pudding mix, then add the liquor and allow time for it to absorb well into the mix. I left mine for a couple of days as I was too busy to do them, but you don’t need to wait this long. 

3. Break the chocolate into small chunks and melt in a heat proof bowl positioned over a pan of simmering water. 

4. Meanwhile prepare a baking tray with baking paper, or as I did some large container lids as you will need to put the truffles into the fridge to firm up before dusting with chocolate powder. 

5. Once the chocolate has melted, combine well with the marinated cake or pudding crumble.

6. Now using a teaspoon for measure, form the mix into small balls. I used disposable gloves for this step, as it’s rather messy and the temptation to lick ones chocolatey fingers is best avoided when preparing truffles for gifts. 

7. Place the tray of truffles into the fridge to firm up. 

8. Place chocolate powder in a bowl large enough to roll the truffles in the powder without making a mess. Do this step 1 or 2 at a time and gently place onto the container you will keep them in. Try to keep them separate and place a layer of baking paper between layers to keep them looking gorgeous. 

9. Store in the fridge until they are all gone.

Christmas Metta Blessing

May all beings be peaceful

May all beings be happy

May all beings be safe

May all beings be free 

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