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Discover the culinary magic awaiting in our carefully curated collection of spices. Crafted with love, knowledge, and an understanding of the rich traditions behind each spice and blend, The Cooking Naturopath invites you on a taste adventure through the aromatic realms of India and Sri Lanka.

Certified Organic, Hand Roasted, Perfected Over Time:

Unveil the secret behind the exquisite taste and aroma of our spice blends: each is composed of certified organic spices, hand-roasted to unlock their full potential. Our unique flavour profiles are not just products of a day’s work; they are the results of years of passion, experimentation, and refinement. When you choose Spice Alchemy, you choose authenticity, quality, and tradition.

The Essentials

  • Spice Alchemy Essential Organic Spices – Indian and Sri Lankan Cuisine

  • Spice Alchemy Essential Organic Spice – Indian and Sri Lankan Cuisine (extended collection)

  • Spice Alchemy Organic Premium Turmeric 100gm

  • Spice Alchemy Sri Lankan Chicken Curry Blend 100gms

Signature Spice Blends

Dive into the heart of South Asian Flavours with our meticulously crafted spice blends.

  • Sri Lankan Chicken Curry Blend
  • Jaffna Prawn Curry Blend
  • Signature Garam Masala Blend
  • Rajma Masala Blend
  • Sri Lankan Roasted Curry Blend
  • Sri Lankan Fish Curry Blend
  • Sri Lankan Dahl Curry Blend


A Touch of Condiments: Our Gomasio condiment is the culinary exclamation point you’ve been seeking, turning ordinary dishes into extraordinary feasts.

Awaken Your Mornings: Our range of muesli ensures you start the day right – wholesome, delectable, and charged with organic goodness.

Signature Spice Blends

Spice Blends Authentic & Organic

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