Italian Stuffed Tomatoes

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6 large, ripe, round tomatoes

Salt, pepper

Tuna 400 gms

Mayonnaise (see below)

Ricotta 200 gm (as alternative to mayonnaise)

Dijon or German mustard  2 Tsp

Capers 1.5 Tbs – finely sliced

Herb suggestions – Parsley, fennel, dill

For Mayonnaise

To make mayonnaise 

Egg yolk 1

Olive oil 100 mls

Lemon juice 2 Tbs


For Mayonnaise

Beat egg yolk with salt until pale

Slowly dribble in olive oil whilst continuing to beat briskly

Once mayonnaise has come together, gently add the lemon juice and adjust seasoning. 

For Tomatoes

Slice top off tomatoes and remove all seeds and dividing wall. 

Salt inside lightly, then turn upside down on rake to drain. 

Mash all other ingredients together in a bowl, reserving 2 Tbs of the mayonnaise for dressing on top. Keep cool in fridge.

Wipe excess liquid off drained tomatoes, then fill the hollowed cavity with tuna stuffing mix. Seal the top with reserved mayonnaise, and a sprig of fresh herb garnish. 

Place the reserved tomato cap on top and keep cool in fridge. 

Best served on the day you make them. 


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